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Restringing ensures your game remains in peak form. You may feel that your racquet is losing its “punch” at the net. As tension in your strings declines, your strings stretch more at impact, cushioning the ball’s landing and minimizing your racquet’s “squashing effect.”

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when to restring your tennis racquet. Post by: Mike / TennisCT. Video by: Yancy / Fairfield Tennis. It’s a question asked often in the tennis world: when is it time to restring your tennis racquet? For some, the answer is simple…”when you break your string”. For most, strings don’t break; but they wear out, fray or lose tension.

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When to restring actually depends more on your skill level than how often you hit the courts. The old rule of thumb has always been to re-string your tennis racket as many times a year as you play in one week. Here's a more in-depth explanation:


A simple and easy to follow tutorial on racket restringing. Skip the boring bit and get to the stringing here: https://youtu.be/DNobI2PT8f0?t=314This is par...

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When it comes to racquet restringing, there's a general rule of thumb that most players are familiar with which is: Over a year, you should restring your racquet the number of times you play in a week. So if you play four times a week, then restring you racquet four times a year.

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A racket strung at 60 pounds will most likely be at 50 pounds the next day, and tension continues to decline with every second and with every hit. Tension loss is the only physically significant process impacting your tennis racket (and string wear). This is why rackets need to be restrung.

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If you are a competitive player, restring your racquet before the competition. Within a year, restring your racquet as many times as you play tennis in a week. If you play three times a week, three replacements a year should be sufficient. Try to restring your racquet at least once every six months.

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Restringing. As we mentioned earlier, the general rule of thumb for restringing a tennis racket depends on how much you play per week. If you play 3 or 4 times a week, then you should consider replacing its strings at least 3 to 4 times per year. New strings will ensure high-quality performance.